Jacki Kellum has begun the final stages of proofreading her first book that she intends to have published and ready for the market by October 1, 2016. She has decided to Self-Publish. Because Self-Publishing is still a rather new way to pursue publishing, Jacki plans to create an in-depth guide that will detail her process toward self-publishing.

Self-Publishing Is Worthy of Considering as a First Choice for Publishing

Until recently, Jacki had not given serious consideration to self-publishing and had believed that it was the route that the less serious and less successful writer might take. More recent research has proven that not to be the case for the 21st-Centry Writer–especially for writers of books that are primarily text.

Self-Publishing Is Not Expensive

Jacki Kellum recently attended a Self-Publishing Workshop and reviewed the costs for self-publishing.She will provide more specific details about this later, but she was told that a writer could publish a 100-page book with 10 photos for under $500.00.

Writers Are Expected to Do the Marketing of Their Books Themselves Now

Everything available on the subject says that even when writers publish through the traditional publishing houses, they are expected to do their own marketing now. That is the reason that many writers blog. Blogging is a way to create a writing platform or a name for oneself. If a person has marketed himself anyway, he may as well reap the profit for his efforts.

Traditional Publishers Get Most of a Writer’s Profits for His Books

Self-Published Writers Keep Most of the Profits for Themselves & They Also Keep Their Copyrights

Check this site often, as Jacki Kellum begins to share the best process for self-publishing.

In the meantime, get busy writing your own blog posts and get ready to move to the next level of your writing career.

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